Got some smoked fish for dinner at the Schloss Fuschl Fischerei and then did parts of the Fuschlsee Rundwanderweg (actually just the most western bit around the Naturbadestrand).

Winter at the Schloss Fuschl Fischerei.
The castle stands out against the sky, impressive.
Did somebody say snow crystals?
On the other side of Fuschlsee you can see the Schober/Almkogel ranges, this time from the other side than you would see them from Mondsee.
Only 1 pm-ish and the sun is already very close to setting o.O
The Fuschlsee nature reserve.
The snow blanket is thick!
Trying not to slip on the trampled path.
We arrive at the landing of Naturbadestrand. The baby swan shows us who owns the place!
But mum allows us to walk the icy catwalk.
Just look at the water, so clear! Also not deep at all, maybe 3 meters at most. Can imagine this to be a very popular cannonball spot for kids in Summer lol
Angel making a bodyprint in the snow.
Snowangel :)


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