The Fourteenth Month

September, and with it came the first wave of blooming fruit trees around us in orchards or private gardens. This is a collage of snapshots that made last month special.

Kaka beak.
Aloe flower (2 m high!)
Apple flowers.


Part One – What our boy`s up to lately.

Our type case ritual: He gets to sit on my lap and point at three things he then inspects closely at my desk.
Playing with the abacus while our aquarium fish do their thing.
Truck time, find the right shape (yes, the square one fits on the round lol)
Three of his favourites in one picture: The blue car, the mini bead maze roller coaster and the pink giraffe.
Also much loved: Reading with Dad, with the little one turning the pages (usually too fast, but this way he can go through the whole book twice in the same time :)
These guys really know how to snuggle up.
Just got a Radl Wurst from Dad, yay!
And everytime, he hears the door unlock, he`s running to get out, too.
That`s why we do our daily walks, now with actual walking exercises. Here he still sits in his cute car seat and dreams of his big escape.
Part of the walk he does by himself!
On other occasions, he stays seated.
Sometimes, when we wait in the car for Dad to return we have crazy fun with selfies.
A playground in Mapua and little C awed by the concept of cycling.
But then he sees it: Green grass, and the world is whole again!
Turning wheels is his absolute fave!
Not happy when we told him it was time to leave.
But saw a few funny post boxes on the way back to the car.
Very inspiring :)
Walking down to our sheep paddock.
Yes, we got two black lambs and they’re doing fine.
Not all is well, all the time. Here some tears are flowing just to make a point.
But Dad can be very persuasive and turns the mood into laughter.
The boys on the couch, watching an adventure series set in Alaska.
Peek a boo behind the couch :D Whatever we do instead of going to bed!
Getting fed before the midday nap.
In the bath.
Had to stop putting baby wash in the water because he likes to drink it :)

Part Two: A diary of random sleeping pics

Sitting on my lap munching a piece of bread and next minute deep asleep.
Wanted him to hold still on the bed while I got the bed ready, well he slept on the spot.
Sleeping while climbing.
Falling over on the couch.
A cute “it`s gonna be a cold night” dress up.
Sleeping on my legs while holding my hand.
Midday wrap.

Part Three: The rest ;)

The oldtimer at Fraser’s orchard.
The wall at Kaiteri.
Girl’s outing to Nelson plus stop at the local burger grill.
A corner with character.
Waimea Estates vinyard.
Not long and we’re back home.
Right behind these fresh green meadows.
Detour through the Moutere.
You’re on the wrong lane, guys!
Saturday market in Nelson.
The very expensive winter prices for veggies, especially tomatoes and capsicums, are falling again.
Motueka Inlet walk.
A lone rowing boat adds the romantic feel.
Nobody in the skate park today? The right moment to go have a look!
Such a cool little dude! But too much of the hard grey stuff. Likes the unruly tingling crazy green grass more!
Coming home late, but someone left a light on…
and made these wonderful chocolate dipped shortbread cookies! It’s only September, but Xmas can come!


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