Spring Holidays 2022: New Shores

After a while at home with not much going on but chores we took off for another roadtrip holiday (the first without our daughters, who will prepare for their exams at home)(right, girls?)

The journey to Picton was uneventful, and roadworks along the highway made it a bit strenous. Finally, we arrive at Picton Harbour and spot the vessel in the distance.
The wait at the check in is long, we joke around, listen to music, talk and sleep while the lines fill up around us.
The little one gets to inspect all the interior of our car.
He really is better than the sentry mode of our car, he sees any approaching humans from afar and makes beeping noises.
At last! On to the ferry adventure!
Car decks are on the lower levels, we will need to take the elevator with the stroller.
First round outside: Not sure if he realizes where we are and why all this is, but clearly has his attention.
Half way round, “We were here” with the funnel.
The sunny side, he enjoys himself more and more, and suddenly the stroller is not good enough anymore.
Out! Thank goodness we took the shoes!
The wee explorer.
Found a grappling hook, Mama.
Then the ship turns a bit, and the wind builds.
Second round on deck.
Haha, I thought about a selfie but it was hard enough to hold him and point the camera in a good direction.
Almost there! This is the North Island in the background.
Back inside: Dad does Dadstuff and baby makes friends.
Especially with shiny, sparkly or reflecting objects.
Yes, come here, let’s go inside we’ll enter Wellington Harbour soon!
“Come here” must mean “RUN!!!”.
We have arrived safely, disembarked and found there were just 3 things left to do today: Eat
Pillow fights!


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