Spring Holidays 2022: Te Kuiti

From Thames, we drive to Waitomo and then Te Kuiti. One is famous for their glowworm cave, the other is the sheep shearing capital.

Morning light, just south of Thames.
Good-bye Coromandel!
We drive like the firebrigade in our little blue car, it even makes the ‘real car’ sounds, that our boy loves so much.
Already trying the one handed style.
Stop at the shoe store. He says, they have the latest model in all his favorite colors.
In the food court, the next toy car waits for us. We’ll never be able to leave this place!
What an intense look through the non existent wind shield!
In reality, the views are not quite comparable to the food court’s. Less people strolling by, I guess.
Spring green is hard to beat.
The boys at the entrance to Waitomo cave tour.
Inside the caves, no pictures were allowed (or possible, in pitch black, on a swaying boat). So here’s one for the album!
A tree. Since I was too late with opening the window, the reflection from inside makes the most intriguing pattern.
In Waitomo, there are no real motels, so a few additional km were necessary.
Today, we stay in Te Kuiti. Mural of Rangimarie Hetet’s ‘Matariki’ design from 1933, by Brigid Allan and Clowdy Ngati of Te Kuiti Art Project.
Cool old houses, some refurbished, some same old.
The shopping strip in town. The other side of the road is a fenced off railway track that seperates the industrial zone from housing. Interesting.
A railway worker’s cottage – a restoration as a cultural heritage exihibit.
Models in front of local murals.
More house fronts.
Dinner on a park bench, because we can!
… photographic opportunities are limited here, so, the main street once more lol
Ah! And the station. Best wishes from Te Kuiti!


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