Spring Holidays 2022: Te Kuiti – Whanganui

Getting up early to get the most out of the day. Many charging, walking and eating breaks make the driving more enjoyable. Passing Taumarunui, Raurimu, Raetihi and Parikino on our way to Whanganui (yes, with an h following the w since 2017!).

Before the sun rose over the hills. Almost vanilla.
On the other side of that fence stood that young fellow watching me closely.
Like the sky, opening one eye.
The fog stays.
The Whanganui River.
The old county offices in Raetihi.
Volcano Vibe Collective, a group of local Raetihi artists, and that’s their gallery.
Whanganui, at the Kowhai Park. Have been there every.single.time we drove through, can you remember, girls? :)
Trying to watergun the boys, but while the little one is not impressed the bigger shoots me warning glances lol
Tried this fun looking swing, but with 14 months, one sinks into it and never returns.
Change of scenery, looking for a beach to walk.
Here it is, but at the same time, it starts raining heavily and we do a runner for the car.
WHOOPS! Nah, just kidding. The Whanganui Regional Museum has the biggest Moa bone collection in the world, it’s totally on purpose.
These herbivore birds were 3 m tall and weighed as much as 250 kg.
Hey, sun, a short entrance or are you going to stay?
Fleeing the motel for a city walk and finding some intriguing murals (Mica Still – 30 Maria Place)
More street art on Maria Place.
Perrett’s Buildings on Maria Place.
Anderson’s on Victoria Avenue.
Embassy Cinema 3 on Vic Ave.
A spanish restaurant that tries to catch your attention with hot colors.
The Durie Hill Memorial Tower, worth a climb when the weather is fine.
The large stainless steel sphere has a deep fissure carved into it which represents the winding path of the Whanganui River from the mountains to the ocean.
Coming from the last century, I remember lots of bad graffiti where I grew up. Today’s wall art is so much more artsy, thoughtful, inspiring that it lifts my spirits. What a time to be alive!
Picking up dinner from a Japanese Restaurant on our way back to the motel. Quick, before the next rain starts … see ya!


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