Spring Holidays 2022: Whitianga – Thames

The third day in Whitianga started cloudy, so it was easier to say good-bye to this great motel at the beach. Our way leads to Coromandel Town and further until we reached Thames in the early afternoon.

Quick morning bath before putting away all the stuff and hitting the road.
After 10,000 or more turns of the road over the steep Coromandel Ranges, we arrive in Coromandel Town.
A historic town with unique character, not unlike our Golden Bay’s Takaka.
Star and Garter on Kapanga Road.
Bright side of an old mining town.
Modern quick-e-mart with attached mural.
Kereru mural by Lee Jones 2016.
The former court house.
Butcher and other small town shops.
The laundromat.
Driving on. More winding roads to Thames. Initially, looking at the map, we thought it was an almost straight line to Thames along the Hauraki Gulf. Nah, far from! Ginger worthy!
Got there right at lunch time, the car went charging and we for a walk.
Mural behind a church. Everybody has an agenda…
Left: Mining Echoes. The picture reflects on Thames foundation as a mining town. It acknowledges the beauty and harsh realities that follow the risky hunt for financial security. Right: 10 Coins. Shows an imagined snapshot in time using the images from 10 NZ coins in use over three centuries. It tells a story of cultures colliding like waves on a shore, and the beauty and erosion that is created in the interaction.
Thames, Pollen Street.
This guy is high on music. A creative collection of weird stuff.
The Workingmen’s Club, an institution in Thames. Great architecture.
Pollen St, with all the life going on in Thames.
Quiet corner in the residential corner where our motel is.
Tui mural mid town.
Now, it would still need some classic cars parked in front.
Whale mural.
Community area at Thames square.
Another tui, great models these birds.
We extend our walk to the Waihou River Walk.
Reward for sitting still so long… he takes the chance and confidently goes for it.
First time he dares to climb through the baby pipe.
These ship will need a high tide to get unstuck.
Five kinds of mail in this house ;)
Jacob’s ladder: Built in 1884, the 135 steps of Jacob’s Ladder were originally dirt. The Ladder was concreted in 1907 and is a part of Thames South School’s daily fitness regime, who also were responsible for the rainbow beautifying. Thank you!
Back at the motel, time for games, today: Hide and seek.
The lucky winner gets cuddles from the tickle monster :D


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