What a coincidence! Exactly the same day when we move in, some of the eggs turned into fluffy yellow furballs. Amazing! :)

OK, admittedly it was a kind of planned coincidence. The hen was obviously broody so we got her some fertilized eggs to extend our chicken breed variety. Now we have:

  • 1 Black Araucana hen that lays green eggs.
  • 1 Brown Araucana hen that lays brown eggs.
  • 1 Light Sussex hen that lays brown eggs.
  • 1 Coronation Sussex hen that lays brown eggs.
  • 1 Wyandotte hen that lays brown eggs.
  • 1 Pekin Bantam rooster.

And three weeks ago we have bought fertilized eggs for white-egg laying chicken:

  • 4 Leghorn.
  • 4 Campine.
  • 4 Silver Sprengled Hamburg.

We’ll see how many of them will hatch, and how many of them are hens. :)

The hen didn't like being touched
The hen didn’t like being touched. She’s very protective.
Welcome to the world!
Welcome to the world!
Sooo fluffy :)
Sooo fluffy :)