Winter has returned!

One day at our favorite ski slopes at Eben im Pongau.
Have been riding these tracks as a wee kiddo.
B99 entering Eben.
The skiers are ready to roll!
Monte Popolo 1 :)
The freshly fallen snow is whirled by gusting winds.
Nativity scene in front of the church buildings.
Carefully I sneak around the church and find the cemetary in the backyard.
To the north of the nave there is a war memorial niche with the mural St. Michael painted by Karl Weiser (1959).
Eben im Pongau, parish church St. Maria, death chapel in the northeast corner of the cemetery, rectory west of the church.
Traditional farmhouse architecture in the Pongau district, including a cool weather vane.
Looking for a walking opportunity in along the Badesee ditch.
Found the cross-country circuit.
The 10 km long local cross-country ski run connects directly to the famous Tauern cross-country ski run (over 100 km).
In addition to a network of trails with a further 100 km in the Salzburger Sportwelt, there is also an altitude trail at 1,700 m.
Checking the footprints in the snow, here’s the print of the big common snowcat, regularly found near slopes all over Europe.
Meanwhile, on the slope …
our heroes are doing really well on their quest to enjoy the day.
Big family ski day!
This girl is totally over the moon :)
Sloping down the hill.
Not many lifts in Eben but also not many people!
Great views!
Just 2 hours in the regional train and you’re back in Salzburg.



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