Before Sunrise

No long distances between us and the bakery, the butcher and other essential shops. Making my round before the sun comes up.

Feeling pumped by the fresh air in the early Morning hours, I walk over to the Seepromenade at Mondsee.
Everything is so still, no sounds but the waves splashing on the near lakeside.
Within 10 minutes, the wind is picking up, it will be a stormy day, despite the still clear sky.
Walking down the promenade.
Can you see the snow glittering? Love the absence of smell, the freezing air that almost hurts the nose, the crunching of my foot steps and the glittering of single crystals when the light shines at them at a special angle. Perfect!
Walking up in the direction of the basilica.
And here we are, downtown Mondsee.
All dark and cold, just a few shops are getting deliveries at this time of the day.
Way back down to the Bundesstrasse, fascinated by the light.


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