One more family ski day! Enjoying the Kingstour from Muehlbach to Hintermoos.

First ride in the Kings Cab, studying the route thoroughly.
These skis can’t wait to taste snow again!
Kings Cab and Zapferlalm.
Making snow, must be for luck cause there’s plenty of snow already.
Kings Cab summit, getting ready.
Sessellift auf die Zachhofalm.
All smiles wedeling the Hochkoenig slopes.
Hochkoenig mountains in wonderful weather.
The Hochmaisbahn starts at the entrance to Hinterthal and takes you up to Hochmais and Gab├╝hel, thus connecting Hinterthal with Dienten.
Riding up the hill in the lift with the orange wind covers.
Bruendlstadl Dienten, just after leaving Hochmais.
This slope goes really well.
Almost at the end of our quest and ready to get back to Muehlbach.
Winter can be so beautiful from inside a warm house or a fast gondola.
Steinbockalm – In the sign of Capricorn. Traditional and modern are not opposites here – two cosy, rustic huts are connected by a chilled bar and lounge area.
Hubertuskapelle at Steinbock Alm, a popular spot to get married, the internet says.
Gabuehel Huette invites tired skiers to stay for lunch.
But we have an agenda and can’t stop until it’s done!
The Sennhuettn rushes past us as we push forward.
One slope seems better and sunnier as the one before. We almost lose our race against time and miss our last lift only by minutes. But the guards are merciful and let us ride anyways, phew.
These guys enjoy themselves very much!
Zapferlalm again, this time it’s good-bye, last descent to Muehlbach.
Last stop for Grillwuerstel and Germknoedel, accompanied by Kinderpunsch, truly excellent Austrian cuisine after an exhausting sports day! Thanks for taking us with you, memories that last :)


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