Spring Holidays 2022: Tairua

Mt Paku in Tairua is a volcanic peak rising up between the southern end of Tairua Beach and the Tairua harbour mouth.  7-8 million years ago, Paku’s origins as an island volcano commenced with an eruption of ash and pumice. About 6,500 years ago, sea levels rose and allowed the sandspit north of Paku to develop and establish a land bridge, connecting the island volcano to what we now know as Tairua.

The final climb to the top is short and steep, with a scramble up big boulders just before the summit.
An engraved stainless steel map that endures wind and weather.
Tairua (down Mt Paku), Pauanui (the peninsula just across the Tairua River) and the Coromandel Ranges.
There’s a lot of little islands out there, the Aldermen Islands, Mercury Islands and Slipper and Shoe Islands.
The ferry landing in Pauanui.
Someone is not amused that they don’t get to leave their safe carriage while Mama can dance around on all these unstable rocks to make cool pictures.
Tairua Harbor moorings and jetty.
Walking down on the street instead of the stair cases while we look at all the houses and gardens.
Everything seems to grow in abundance here, it’s warm enough at enough rainfall a year to grow avocados that can be bought for $1 a piece at road stalls, we are a bit envious!
Tairua. The most straight forward township with a basic Four Square instead of New World and a Hammer Hardware instead of Warehouse. If there’s no parking in front of the shop of your choice, you take the center median. And that’s that.
Right. Don’t try to call somebody with this telephone!


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