Ruby Bay

Our weekly adventure at the Nelson Saturday Market

left us a little bit exhausted, so we ate some stirfry chicken with noodles (honey and peanutbutter sauced, yummy) and then drove back north. At the Appleby Bridge we witnessed a rough rescue mission: Two offroaders got stuck in the Waimea River. Of course we had to have a closer look at that!

But the Kiwis  get to the point quickly and not more than a few minutes later the two of them were safe again. Because I like the Naked Bun Bakery and Café so much, we took a detour via Mapua and strolled at Ruby Bay.

The beach here is very nice to be at, low or high tide. Lots of shells can be found, not to mention the various kinds of coloured pebbles, phantastic. If you someday meet us there you recognize instantly because our butts are always top, nose on the ground (that’s the way you make the most interesting contacts with other people and especially with other people’s dogs) :)



Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)