Opunake and Taranaki coastline

“Weeeeee used to wait …” Not in the suburbs but at a recreation and picnic area with excellent view and enough picnic to wait the whole cloudy sky out, we waitet … and got rewarded with an almost clear Taranaki picture.

Not the only ones to wait.

And there he is, Sir Egmont.

Stop-over in Opunake.

Dad needs a toilet, the kids crave icecream and mum gets litterally lost on a fotosafari :D
Small city, big murals, every building an artwork.

But not everybode seems to enjoy color: The famous Surf Lodge 45 seems to be refurbished into a very unattractive, grey building.  What a pity!

The only picture in the world that also shows Taranaki’s Gipfelkreuz.


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