The Centre of New Zealand

As soon as the kids were delivered to school and kindy, we did some brainstorming on which beach we’d go… and Christian suggested we’d buy some gorgeos breakfast trifles at the European Bakery and go to Nelson, climb a hill and enjoy our meal with a great view. On our way on the Moutere Highway we met some European hitchhikers and gave them a lift to the Touristic Information Centre (i-site) in Nelson, then parked our car at the Botanical Reserve and took a walk.  That’s how we found the centre of New Zealand, a monument that looks like a big pen, pointing on a little concrete imprint.

Take a closer look on Christian’s feet, he’s wearing his new five fingers walking boots :)

Yeah, it’s not the “real” middle, but who cares when the calculation depends on historical/political decisions which parts of NZ are taken account for it (at some point, the Chatham Islands weren’t, so the “real” centre lays somwhere else, in the middle of nowhere)



Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)

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