Spring Holidays 2022: Potaka

Staying a second night at the Lottin Point Motel in the Eastcape northshore. Nestled in Manuka and on top of a steep sea cliff, this is the NZ experience. Dreaming to the sound of thundering waves and collecting seashells on our afternoon outing.

But first thing in the Morning, we returned to Hicks Bay for a long walk along the Wharekahika River.
Followed by fun at the playground,
New equipment, nobody there, we had a blast.
Just hanging out.
Leaving the comfort zone and trying something new :D
Like the mini beads roller coaster, just … bigger.
Then, we meet horse, the horse. She’s maintaining the berm.
Down Onepoto Bay. The sea seems to be calming down after yesterday’s storm waves.
Moss covered tree trunks span over the road.
Wharekahika Bay.
The historic wharf. No entry for security reasons. Looking closer, I figured why.
Back in Downtown Hicks Bay. The General Store offers hot food and everything else.
Curious cow.
Such a pretty face :)
So! The 3 hour wait to pass the closed road are now over and we expect to be let through any minute.
Afternoon walk from Lottin Point Motel down to the sea.
How the last photo came into existence.
Every few years, the sea regains ground. Over there’s the old fence, had to be set back 5 m because of a slip.
Before we arrive at the beach, we say hi to the animals on the neighboring farm.
I want that tree on our little farm!
The longest arms …
These trees are used to stormy weather.
But the wind has ceased and the water is almost flat, unbelievable!
Hopefully this baby pohutekawa will once be a huge tree. Go strong, little one!


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