Spring Holidays 2022: Tauranga

Climbing Mt Maunganui summit, walking Harbour Drive and a few city pictures.

Starting the Mt Maunganaui track from Pilot Bay since it’s the only one without stairs – it would have been possible to push a stroller but we’re in backpack mode.
Approx 20 m above sea level.
This little guy slept through most of the climb, unbelievable :D
Mauao is 232 m at the summit, “not a casual stroll” says google. We must be very fit then ;)
Looking over the western side, somewhere down there is the loop walk that we did yesterday.
At the top!
Always a stunner.
… with flax leaves and flowers.
Later, short walk near the motel. From Harbour Drive to Kulim Park and back. This time little One walks too.
Jetty after the bridge.
Little walker.
Not a seawalls creation but a stunning tui nonetheless. Mural by Charles and Janine Williams.
Local soccer court, love this mural!
Walking through the park to pick up some dinner at the Golden Rice Thai Restaurant, in retrospective, good choice. Great murals, great pan fried rice dishes!


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)