Spring Holidays 2022: Te Puna Quarry Park

A dedicated band of volunteers have transformed a disused quarry into a world class park that is waiting to be explored. The gardens are filled to the brim with special areas of all varieties, including irises, cacti and succulents, a palm grove, bonsai corner, butterfly garden and much more. Open all day, every day, free admission (but donation welcome).

A map of the featured areas. We realize that this will be a longer walk.
Te Hokioi (an interpretation of New Zealand’s extinct great eagle), by Paoroa Matenga
Rebecca, by Alan Uttinger. And she has a very nice garden to watch over.
There’s a great variety of plants, it must have been so much work to plant all these flowers and to care for them.
Work in the former quarry startet almost 25 years ago. Work in little steps with lots of volunteers.
So many picturesque photo spots along the walkways.
Pansies, small, big, all colors.
Old quarry machinery. Some of the old machines are open for inspection by kids, but under parental supervision.
Underneath these ducks, there’s a pond, even though it looks like they’re sitting on a red carpet.
China Family, a community mosaic.
Avalon Walk.
Offspring by Nic Clegg. Steel art and a man in front of a rata tree and Te Puna views.
Don’t ask me for a name, these are yellow ones ;)
Pink beauties.
Trying to communicate with the sculpture.
Old mine accessory: The explosives cabin.
Kohatu Moemoe, by Simon Madgewick. This dreaming stone is made from Hinuera stone.
Haven’t seen even half of it, but need to move on. Maybe more next time we drive by! Thanks for having us!


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)