Spring Holidays 2022: Orokawa Bay

Spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Waihi Beach, Orokawa beach has mature pōhutukawa trees leaning over a sandy beach and there’s a lot of shells, stones and sticks to find for beach combers.

After lunch we were happy and able to carry on with the day.
A short ride later we arrive at the walking tracks starting point. From here, there are a few walks to choose from, we take the nearest, just 2 hours return.
Ocean waves toilet at Waihi Beach.
DOC information board.
The first bit is steep, but once the right “walking altitude” is reached, the path is meandering around the coastline just like we know it from the Abel Tasman.
Waihi Beach.
A two colored ocean.
Short break to listen into the forest.
And then this! Our little kiwi is shocked how weird sand feels and decides he hates it!
While Papa sits with the boy patiently and tries to help him understand what sand is and that it’s nice and nothing to be feared of, Mama wanders through the pohutukawa arms.
And when I came back, he was already picking up sea shells! Well done :)
So much shade to sit under. Unfortunately, sandflies also like to sit under the trees and they don’t share. When the “socks over trousers” trick is not enough anymore, the only thing that helps is going back …
Reaching our home for tonight. A lovely tiny house in a back yard. Sleep well!


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