Spring Holidays 2022: Waihi – Whangamata

A day to treadle slower. With not much distance to our next motel, we have the luxury to make many photo stops.

Sometimes we can wait until the next driveway appears, other times it’s just a quick stop on the shoulder (if we’re alone on the road) or a shot through the (open) window.
We try to avoid pictures through the actual glass because of the inevitable reflections that are hard to get rid of, even with Lightroom.
But stopping we must! Or these super green hills would fly by unseen by you.
Huge farm properties, where cows live their best life.
A lonely cabbage tree, an electric pole, a bit of street and a friendly reminder that 45 km/h will get you around the next corner safely.
Almost in Whiritoa, and not many cars at all. I could get used to that!
Whotueka lookout :) Unfortunately the five mature pungas to the left are no more.
Whiritoa Beach. Only 10:30 but already hungry, just call it brunch!
Little C has found a new passion: Slides!
Or anything that involves playgrounds, really. It’s a good counter program to sitting in the car seat for hours.
No more insecurities around sand anymore! It’s so soft and warm, who wouldn’t love it!
From the Lifeguard Station into Papakura Bay. And a seagull wants to know what is going on here.
A bit closer, with the tele lens.
Yellow air cowboy turning his plane in circles over Whiritoa (quite close to the ground ta)
Lone beach wanderer in the distance.
From the West, some dark clouds are rushing in and we already feel some drizzle on our skin. Still, in a few places the sun still reaches through. Last pic in Whiritoa, we get to the dry and cozy warm car in time before the rain starts.
Just an hour later we arrive in Whangamata. To early to check into the motel, so a major beach hangout is on the list.
Lucky for us, the rain stayed behind and we get just the beautiful clouds.
Flowers at “Da Beach” (no joke, that’s the name).
Yellow gazania, a stunning garden flower gone wild (imported from South Africa).
Peninsula views. If one pays no heed to 10 km gravel road, the lookout there should really be something!
Hey Ma, come over, we’re having fun in the sand :)
Grass, sand, gazanias and a cool breeze.
Ha, found the purple groundsel again. Not dominant here, but a welcome color twist with the pink pelargonium.
Walking over to the Wentworth River which almost surrounds Whangamata.
The seagulls are already here.
The warf, many small boats are moored here and over there is the jetty.
Whangamata has also been an early Maori settlement, but the wharf was built not so long ago, for most of the time ships sailing into the harbor had to stop nose first into the sand bar and leave again with high tide.
Views from the wharf to the Southeast.
A dinghy just over the dune at Beach Road.
Port Road Whangamata mural.
Opposite the liquor store.
Vehicles at the Port Road Bakery corner.
Well, if anybody wondered about unanswered emails, this is the reason! We’re back in the 80s.
Typical NZ window shopping, very small showrooms, overhanging sun roofs, signage slightly swinging in the upcoming wind.
This picture is for you, Vivi Blue.
Ah! More purple beauties! This time we walk down to Otahu River estuary.
The wind is getting gustier, but the little one holds onto Mama’s back bravely.
A cake sand dollar on the hardened sand crust.
Dotterels are nesting nearby, the area is fenced off, but some are just standing in the strong wind, one legged, as if meditating.
And oyster catchers, of course.
If you look closely, you can see the sand fly!
This guy can fly, too.
Empty, sand filled shell.
Every stone or shell on the ground sits on tiny podiums because the wind removed layers of sand.
Looks even weirder from the side.
Can now check into the motel, puh. Let’s just stop by the supermarket and buy some nice steaks for the grill and let’s cook some beans and asparagus as sides. Good night!


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